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Francisco J. Medina

Attorney at Law/ Abogado

Frank has been in private practice since 2001. In 2016, he assisted family law participants during a 10 month-long assignment as a San Joaquin County Superior Court mediator.  His dedication to parents’ rights, his encouragement of transparent and ongoing communication with his clients and his aggressive representation, while maintaining clients’ understanding of complex legal issues, are all key components of his law practice.

Frank has dedicated himself to doing what's right for his clients. He gets the results his clients deserve

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"Law without justice is a wound without a cure."

William Scott Downey

Core Values No. 1


Our office conducts business with empathy towards our clients. With 18 years of experience, we operate with compassion for situations of our clients. 

Core Values No. 2


This process can be intimidating and complicated. We don't expect you to know every step of the process. Our office helps clients to understand the steps of the legal process by explaining each step and what's needed from our clients and why. 

Core Values No. 3


We teach our clients steps and tools to be successful after the legal process is over. We help to provide the power of self sustainability by giving our clients the confidence to move forward in their lives. Our goal is to prepare our clients for the next chapter in their lives.